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Translink Vancouver Removes Sexual Assault Victim Shaming Ads

I'm going to toot my own horn here for a second, so please be warned.

Last week, I was traveling to work on the Skytrain and noticed this really fucking awful ad from Translink and the Transit Police about reporting sexual assault.


"Not reporting sexual assault is the real shame".

Yeah, it actually said that. So I tweeted Translink like 12 times and wrote them a very long email explaining exactly what was wrong with that ad. A few days later, a local blogger noticed the ad as well, and saw my tweets about it, and wrote a blog post about it. Long story short, Translink and the Transit Police apologized and are removing the ads as a result of people (like me!) getting the word out. They're planning on working with some local women's resource groups to come up with better wording etc.

This is a tweet I got today from one of the organizations that really pushed to get it removed:


What a great feeling to know that my voice was heard, and most importantly, to know that other survivors won't have to be shamed on their way to work anymore.

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