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Transphobic Woman Doubles Down, Sues Planet Fitness

Remember Yvette Cormier, the woman who had her Planet Fitness membership revoked after she tried to get a trans woman kicked out of the gym?

Well surprise, surprise, she has filed a lawsuit against Planet Fitness for $25 000. Her complaint is that Planet Fitness's trans friendly policy is an "invasion of privacy [that] enables sexual harassment and possible criminal activity, and endangers women and children."

Cue the Helen Lovejoy "Won't someone think of the children" gifs.

Cormier is also suing for the following "exemplary damages": "aggravation, annoyance, discomfort, disgrace, feelings of oppression, humiliation, inconvenience, indignation, insult, mental anxiety, mental suffering, mortification, outrage, scorn, shame, sorrow, vexation, and worry."


So does this mean that the trans woman that Cormier attempted to persecute could also sue her for the same laundry list?


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