I believe this is rare today at least rarer then before. Sometimes in the past children of interracial parents would if they could deny one parent was African American, sometimes Native American etc. This was done essentially as a aurvival tool aganst racists and to be left alone. A good example granted fictional was the character on Show Boat who was a child of interracial marriage and claimed she was just white, essentially to be able to marry who she wanted and to be left alone. Essentially this was what was called passing for white. A truly tragic thing no one should have had to do if not for racists and bad racist laws.

Today we have a woman who claims she is black but created a whole fiction about her life and race. Yet in many ways she seems to be mocking those children in the past of interracial marriages who had to lie about their history just to survive, aagainst racism, and to be left alone.

Am I the only one making this connection or is this just an idiotic connection?