Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I went to a sort of networking meetup tonight - it’s an established yet loose group for women in my industry. It was at a pub. I asked this woman sitting across from me whether she wrote (there are a lot of writers in the group), and about two sentences later she starts telling me, “Well, I’m a Christian, and I’ve been studying Hebrew and having Shabbat,” and I’m just like nonononono inside, because I’m Jewish by choice and it just gives me the cringes when Christians (a) have to talk about being Christian out of the blue and (b) play at Jewish observance. But I was trapped. So I let her tell me about how her Baptist church was going to go up on a local hill Friday night and blow these special trumpets (???) And how there were six Feasts of the Lord, three in the fall and three in the spring, and “there’s this one in September or October where you go spend the weekend in a tent,” which I think she meant Sukkot. So I finally started to tell her that I was Jewish, and she said (in fairness it was noisy and she was old), “No, I’m not Jewish.” So I pointed at myself, “I’M Jewish, and I think we know those things by different names.” Then fortunately the waiter came around, and other people talked, and she only mentioned religion two or three more times.

Sorry, had to vent, apologies if I offended anyone.

Otherwise it was a fine evening. I talked to interesting people and I learned a few things. And I caught 10 Magikarp on the way there and back (rode along the waterfront with my phone mounted on my handlebars).

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