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Traumatic day at the dog park

Everyone warned me about the perils of taking my dog to the dog park and today it finally happened. Another dog tried to attack her. I actually feel kind of bad for the owners because they genuinely seemed to have no idea that their dog was capable of trying to hurt little dogs. Right before my dog got attacked, this dog tried to attack a little puppy (had to be under 5 lbs) and the owners were stunned and talking about what to do with the dog. And then it went after my poor little pup :(

I have never heard her scream so loudly and she sounded so distressed. Luckily, she emerged with no apparently physical injuries but she does have a tender spot on her back that hurts when I touch it.


The worst is how it is affecting her psyche. We had been going to the park almost everyday since I adopted her last year to get her over her fear of big dogs, and she was finally coming around. After she was attacked she growled at every dog that came near her and I am worried she will never be the same again. She is currently just wandering around the apartment, aimlessly, while moping and looking so sad. Occasionally she will go hide under the coffee table. MY POOR LITTLE BABY!!!!!! I'm so worried for her

So, should I try to take her back to the park soon to get her back up on the horse, so to speak, or keep her away for a while? I don't want her fear to linger and develop back into what it was when she was first adopted.

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