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and a thank you for all of the help I got yesterday! I love you, hivemind. Now, on to today’s issue - what are your best recommendations for small travel accessories that you love? It’s my sister’s birthday, and her boyfriend recently moved so she will be spending a lot of time flying back and forth to visit him, so I wanted to get her a theme present of things to make that more enjoyable.

So far I’m thinking of getting her a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or Oyster, so that she has plenty of books, etc to access and read on the plane which is her normal plane activity. She will keep her own shampoo, etc at her boyfriends house for when she’s there so no need for a travel set. I thought about a small blanket but they seem to be really expensive online, or really chintzy? I also thought one of the small backup battery chargers for her phone? Any recommendations on those? I’m waiting for the deals.kinja site to list best deals of the day because I feel like there are always fifty of those on there, haha.

I swear someone here, or a GTer that was on Lifehacker, mentioned once a like refreshing facial spray or wipes or something that adored and that made them feel so much better after a long plane ride but I can’t remember the specific brand they mentioned!


Any other thoughts or tips that you love for travelling? I thought about a membership to like a Sky Club lounge but those seem CRAZY expensive. I’m not a huge fan of the travel pillows; her flight is only a few hours and always an afternoon flight, and they seem like such a hassle to tote around or blow up.

As per usual, I love you and you are appreciated and full of wonderful ideas! Thank you in advance! Obviously I should be reading flygirl for their recommendations on the best ferragamo loafers for getting through security on your trip to the Andes to discover your inner coolest self as you smoke pot with your llama driver, but I think I’ll stick with you guys.

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