I’m flying to Belgium this evening (for a week-long vacation/on the way to visit family in Israel), and I cannot figure out what the hell is going on with my anxiety. I have traveled A LOT. Four years ago, I traveled through Europe for a month, with no phone, staying in hostels, meeting a friend at my hostel when I flew in. Which is essentially what I’m doing now (meeting friends there + no phone). Why would that make me so nervous? Is it that I didn’t have a smartphone then and now I’m too addicted? I’ve gotten around Europe without google maps before dammit! Is it that I haven’t traveled to a new place by myself in a while and my travel muscles are out of shape? Or maybe that there’s been all this nonsense with my plane ticket (travelocity gave me a different confirmation code than the airline, wtf travelocity plus some other semi-doxxing stuff that could potentially make life difficult but probably not and hasn’t given me trouble before) and I have to get my boarding pass at the airport and I’m kind of afraid they’re just not going to give it to me?

Gah!!!!!!! Talk me down, please?