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Travel Goals

Hey, all! Next year, my bestie and I both turn 40. To celebrate, we’ve decided to take a trip together, just the two of us. But we still haven’t decided where to go! So, what do you think? Where would be a great location for a girls’ trip? Where were some of your favorite vacation memories made?

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We do have some guidelines:

We’re in the midwest and can only travel for about a week

She wants to go out of the country (though I think I can get her to be flexible on this, if we find somewhere awesome)


Our transportation and hotel budget will be around $2000 each

We’re both married so we’re not looking for a super party scene or anything, lol

She gets seasick very easily, so a cruise is a no go (I get seasick pretty easily, too, so it’s not just her :)


We’ve been best friends for mumblety-mumble years (30+!), so we will share a room and, if needed can share a bed

Thanks, guys! Can’t wait to hear where you love to travel!

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