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The date has been set for my cross country drive from South Carolina to Washington! May 14th I’m leaving here, and picking up my best friend who will be making the drive with me. We have decided to take a more southerner route on I-40 and then angle upwards around Las Vegas. We are hoping to get to see thr Grand Canyon and eat at places that Anthony Bourdain or Alton Brown or Adam Richman have eaten at/put on tv. It is going to be a great aadventure! I’m looking for a plane ticket bavk to the east coast for her now. Have you guys ever flown Alaska Air? Good, or nah? Any favorite sites or eateries along 40? Fun sites? We will have dogs with us, so will be pretty limited to stuff that is like *right* off the road where we can take photos and let the pups pee.


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