I'm not pulling any punches here. This new article on the Powder Room is white supremacist. How? Well let me tell you.

The title for one. Lets look at why the author thinks this woman is a bad-ass. Well, she is a bad-ass because she travels alone in places where poverty stricken POC live! Of course!

I would point out, as some did in the comments, that if this woman is a bad-ass for that, it isn't even worth pointing out since by that logic every single WOC who actually lives that reality without recourse for their entire lives are infinitely more bad-ass than she will ever be. When a white woman is 'brave' enough to travel in places WOC live in, she is apparently a bad-ass. Whereas the WOC who actually live that reality every day of their lives are relegated to an after thought - extras in the background of their own stories as told by white women.

So many people have pointed out the white supremacist bent to this authors articles in so many ways I found it remarkable that she would quote this line without any hint of irony:

"I came to an understanding that all experiences you get are to teach you something. If the lesson is not learnt, you will continue experiencing [the] same situations until you learn..."


I quoted this in a comment and mentioned the writer could learn from this statement if she so chose. You know what though? The author almost immediately starred it. What the actual fuck is going on here?

Lets recall that this is the author that brought us 'Holy Shitballs Jackson, I'm white!', refused to listen to people who told her off, deleted the article and now continues to not listen and write offensive colonialist travel articles in the spirit of tales from 'Deepest Darkest Africa'.


Cached websites - it's a thing.

This shit is grossly offensive. Here's the thing about the word 'offensive' - it means people are being hurt. Like, really actually emotionally hurt. These articles are like hate bombs for POC who see them as they scroll through feminist blogs. It is actively marginalizing.

An an equal opportunity anti-feminist, she also brought us this gem today, so as to ensure she pisses off some white ladies too:

"Luckily, Dunia did not need someone to save her that day in Iran. She physically repelled the man's advances, while firmly declaring that there would be no sex between them. Somehow, this worked, because Dunia is seriously just that bad ass."


It's too bad all the other rape victims around the world who weren't so lucky weren't as bad-ass as Dunia! Maybe they wouldn't have been raped. Rape - it's your fault you aren't a bad-ass. Be more bad-ass, ladies and you won't get raped.

There comes a point when I wonder how this person continues to have authorship privileges in feminist kinja spaces. I can understand an error in judgement being made originally, but there have been many many problematic articles from this author at this point. Note that these kinds of articles and thoughts are severely hurtful to POC to have to read all the time. It feels like this author is trolling POC at this point and I can't help but start to feel like the platforms she has been given to write in are implicit in this marginalization of POC by allowing these hurtful white supremacist articles to continue.

Ignoring her and her articles is not an option. Ignoring racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. is not an option. Certainly not when the message her continued existence sends is: "feminism doesn't care about POC's problems with colonialism". The continued existence of these articles is a clear message that feminism is for white women. This is not a case of 'differing opinions'. One side is objectively wrong.


If feminism is as intersectional as it claims to want to be, why has no one listened to the plethora of WOC who consistently and angrily denounce this author and her articles? Why do I go to Powder Room and see a white supremacist ode directly on top of NinjaCate's excellent article denouncing Ramaa Mosely?

Will it take a white lady to come in and complain? Any white ladies around that want to do this? Apparently, we need you.



ETA: a petition has been started to have this authors privileges removed from explicitly feminist kinja spaces. If you are interested, it can be found here. [link removed]

ETA 2: the petition has been closed. In future, although the petition was created in an attempt to minimize the problems this situation may have caused in the mods email inbox, it has been asked by the mods that in future we email them. The mods have taken this issue seriously and this poster has lost privileges to Powder Room. Thank you to everyone that participated.