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Travel Log #1

I'm going write out a few excerpts from my journal that I wrote in Greece, San Francisco, and while visiting friends back home over the next little while. I'll supply as many pictures as I can too. I wanted to do this while I was actually travelling, but I was much too busy, but I guess that means that they were good trips. I'm back in my new home for good right now, and have to start with job searching (seriously this time,) applying for schools, and also figuring out loan business and international student shit because I want to go to school in the bay area now. Smdh I should have never been allowed to leave Canada.

Here are a few from my first week in Greece, these are directly from my journal.

On the plane here this morning I saw the most magical thing I have ever seen. Okay, maybe it wasn't and it's just because I haven't slept in 24 hours- but definitely one of the most beautiful. This morning a few hours before landing in Athens, the attendant pointed out Venus in the sky. It was directly above a sliver of the moon, which itself was amidst the sunrise. I stared for as long as I could.


(The pic is bad but if you look close you can see it.)

I'm at my family's house on the coast now, they will be leaving soon, but today Vanna took me to a beautiful beach-her favourite one to visit when she was at their summer house. It wasn't too busy, which was surprising as there was a bar right there, but that was perfect. I ran to the water as fast as I could.

I forgot what it was like to swim in salt water, it was so different than what I had swam in for so long, so I just took my time. I dug a little spot for my feet while the water washed around me. I thought I had only been doing that for 15 minutes, but apparently I was standing there for two hours as Vanna was calling me back. I had never felt so peaceful, I actually felt like it healed me.

It did not, however, protect me from getting the worst sun-burn.

I had them drop me off at the beach again, today I just drank and read Game of Thrones while tanning. It feels so weird not being able to speak English to people, while yes my family does talk to me mostly in English, they all speak to each other in Greek and I can only pick up the swear words.

Man, my family is loud.

I walked for about an hour today out to a little town called Pylos, and just like my aunt, it is my favourite. It's small and right on the ocean. I has a huge square in the centre where the kids play, and cafe's around the sides where all the old men sit, smoke, and drink their coffee's.

After moseying around buying different chocolate filled deserts and drinking frappe's, I met my family and went to explore a castle. I forget everything they said about the history of it because I think the castle might have put a spell on me. There were parts of the rocks that were so worn down that I slipped on them, how many people must have been here? I like thinking about that. I also loved just walking around and touching the old walls, I then try to imagine what it was like in that spot so long ago. I couldn't imagine it though because of said not listening to the history.


Alright, that's all for now as I have to do the stuff I said I had to in the intro, but thanks for reading and hopefully the next will be up next week!

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