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Travel Poll: Stopover Buddies Anyone?

So Icelandair has done something quite magical. Not only do they offer a free stopover of up to 7 days in Iceland when traveling between North America and Europe, they are offering a “Stopover Buddy” as part of a trial and promotional program until April 30th.

Ok, so what is this, and what does it entail?

Well, a “stopover buddy” is an Icelandair employee, who’ll take you around Iceland during your time spent there. They are paid by the airline, and there is no extra cost required. It is all completely free of charge. It will however, be up to you to cover any miscellaneous costs or extras for yourself. You can only book a buddy for 1 day only, and can take up to three other guest with you.


What you do, is that you fill out a form, and message them the dates of your stopover, as well as your interests, and you will hear back within 72 hours, along with a planned itinerary, and the buddy’s personal email, so you can work out the details.

What are some of the activities?

Do you want to cook with a flight attendant?

Or do you want to go horseback riding with a manager?

Hell, if you wanted to, go back-country sledding and skiing with the CEO!

So now come the questions:

1. If an airline offered a similar service through its hub (for example: Honolulu, HI with Hawaiian Airlines), would you take advantage of a stopover buddy, using a local airline employee?


A. Yes

B. No.

C. Depends on the destination.

2. Would you volunteer to be a stopover buddy? And if so, what would you show them?

(Personally , if I were a stopover buddy, I’d show them some of the best local places to eat in Hawaii, (including garlic shrimp, shaved ice, and fried cream dough. I might also show you the best place to catch a glimpse of seals and whale-watching too.)

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