So a while back, RunwayGirlNetwork asked the CEO of Turkish Airlines what they were planning for the future, and what came up was surprising:

So there is a shift in thinking with Turkish Airlines planning to offer a complimentary lounge for economy passengers making an international transit. The lounge is due to open in 2017 when Istanbul’s new airport commences operation.…

Yup you heard that right, a lounge just for economy passengers making an international transfer through Istanbul. Turkish Airlines already offers a free airport hotel stay on layovers over 10 hours (because not all of the destinations are served daily), and even offers a short city tour during one’s layover if there is time for it. Other airlines like Icelandair, Hawaiian, Singapore, Malayisa, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar also offer similar features to those with long layovers transferring through their hubs.

Inside the lounge, food and drinks will be complimentary. In a contrarian view to ancillary revenue growth, Kotil says: “We don’t want passengers to pull out money.”

They have not yet come up with the requirements needed to use the lounge yet, as the lounge is in the planning stages. But, more than likely, it will be used by passengers with layovers over two hours, but less than eight to ten hours.

What I’d like in an economy-class lounge:

  • Free wi-fi, and power plugs.


  • Snacks and drinks.


  • A help desk or digital info kiosk


  • A quiet zone would be nice.


The question is, what would you want in an economy lounge? And would you use it instead of an airport hotel? Would you be willing to pay? I’d like to know.