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I live in California where recreational weed is now legal. Even if it weren’t, I could have a medical card this time tomorrow, if not faster. (I don’t have one yet because I haven’t needed one.) Right now I am using weed — usually vaped or more preferably, drops — to help mitigate some serious hip pain that was diagnosed as tendonitis.* It is really bad, like I can’t put my own shoes on sometimes, bad.

My stomach is torn up from taking NSAID-type drugs for months. I can’t do those kind of pain relievers anymore. Opiates make me insanely nauseous.

My husband and I are going to Mexico for a week of vacation beginning this upcoming Saturday. I am so excited! But I am also really stressed about having no pain relief available to me. I do not want to be miserable or in pain while I’m on vacation.


So, I guess what I’m asking is, does anyone have experience with some Lite Drug Smuggling (TM)? I just want to be able to take my drops with me, that’s all.

* I smoke recreationally as well, but not so much I’d want to risk international travel with drugs.

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