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I have just successfully completed day 2 of my +1000 mile drive back home which is actually more of an accomplishment than it sounds. I would like to give the following PSA to the world—though I’m sure all the lovely GTers already know this, I need a good vent.

1) The left lane is not a regular lane. If someone behind you is going faster, then get over. Stubbornly driving slowly in that lane is DANGEROUS.

2) Yes, your lights DO have a fancy bright function, but it is not to be used on the interstate when there are other cars around.


3) Dear truck drivers: if the truck in front of you is going 65 and you want to go 66, passing them at 66 on a 2 lane interstate will take you 10 minutes and lead to a mile long line of cars behind you. Also, see #1. You are making the road more dangerous for lots of other people. Is that 1 extra mph really worth it?

4) Look before you merge. Especially if you are driving a piece of machinery that weighs approximately a jillion fucktons (looking at you again, truckers)

5) Cruise control is standard in this day and age. Use it, for the love of all that is holy, use it.

How do some of these people manage to function in their everyday lives!?

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