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Travel Tawk to me! (open thread)

Holy Shit Moly, going on a true vacation with Mr. 4th, who hasn’t had a vacation in 5 years. He’s agreed to take 5 days off!! When the weekend is included, that’s a Saturday to Friday, 7 days for the win!

I’ve traveled & he’s vacationed and there is a difference...but I am back~flipping right now! I love him so much & we can have fun inside a paper bag, so I’m excitey pants:)

The best 2 things?

1) Newark to Ft. Lauderdale in late Feb to early March on Jetblue is $205, RT, FOR BOTH OF US!! Yes, 2 round trip plane tickets for $200.


2) I had sick points saved on a credit card. I jettisoned that card 4 years ago because of the interest rate, but the points are still good, so I’m finally cashing them in. 6 nights of good hotels are fucking free! FREE! And there are still points leftover....

Gawd, I’m so excited. Our plan is to spend 2 nights in Ft Lauderdale then drive to The Keys for the remainder. Fishing, fruity drinks & swimming. Mr. 4th is picking up the tab for the car rental & the Wally and Mookie care. And the feeding & watering of a certain Krabby.

Any tips or stories? Any crazy deals to share? Where are YOU going?? I can’t wait!!!! :)


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