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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Traveling FluterDale

Oh good, this is a heckling hotel.

I travel a lot for auditions. This means that sometimes, I have to practice in hotel rooms. There are two kinds of hotels: the kind that DGAF if you're in your room making some noise, and the kind that give many, many, many fucks.

People handle my noise-making in a variety of ways, from banging on my door and running away, to banging on the walls, the floors, sliding passive-aggressive notes under the door ... the list goes on but I'm bored of this topic.

I listen to their noisy love-making and their crying toddlers, and on occasion, their booze-soaked in-room party (that was somehow disturbed by a lone flutist), but I don't say much, I kinda mind my own business, play during waking hours, and then otherwise make myself unnoticed.

This hotel? Has a guy under my window yelling, "Freebird!!! Freeeeeebiiiiiiiird!"


I like him. He can stay.

Update: This is definitely a non-smoking hotel and my Freebird enthusiasts are definitely toking up down the hall. I can also smell tequila. From like ... four rooms down.


FluterDude has a migraine and wants to go to bed, but it's early and I'm rambunctious. Must. Not. Party. Crash.

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