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Traveling with a new vagina

This could be an addendum to my Adventures in Gender Markers post.

I went through airport security today, and I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or the poor screener, who had to swab my dilators* for explosives.


My shows this weekend were out of town, which meant flying, which meant airport screenings. At this point, I pretty much accept that I'm going to get pulled aside for a secondary screening;, the only question is whether it's going to be for my juggling balls, which are hard plastic shells partially filled with sand, or for the dilators. I try not to keep them in the same bag because that just looks really sketchy.

So far, I've had the dilators looked at two of the four times I've flown with them. The last time the guy just looked at one, went "oh," and put it back in. This time the guy felt the bag and asked what they were—which is actually a little more awkward than having him discreetly pull one part of the way out...because, how do I describe what it is, you know? I just say they were vaginal stents and that they were medical devices but not without blushing and laughing a little. The poor guys face. He was soooo embarrassed, but also really nice about the whole thing.

I would love to check them, but all of my baggage allowance is filled by my show, so I have to carry-on all my personal stuff, so I guess I get to keep playing this little game.


I'm not upset about it or anything. It's just a bit of a hassle.

*if you don't know, trans women's vaginas need to be stretched (especially when new) regularly with a dilator—which is basically a hard plastic dildo. I have four different sizes that I go through each session. Basically, they look kind of suspicious.

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