Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello! My best friend is having a baby shower and while I’m getting her something off her registry for the baby, I’d like to get her a more personal gift so she can have something nice for herself since I know people get very baby-focused and forget about the mom.


I was thinking of putting together a basket of spa-things for a Treat Yo Self day since she likes that kind of thing-Korean sheet masks, eye masks, lip masks and maybe some of those gloves and socks you can use to moisturize your hands and feet. Maybe a little bag of epsom salt for sitz baths? My mom said those were great after she gave birth to heal her vaginal tearing (it was minimal, but still).

Is there anything else you would want to get as a new mom? Or did you have a friend/family member/acquaintance who really appreciated something that wasn’t on the usual list of things to get someone who just gave birth?

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