Y’all. I’m kinda bummed right now.

So on Thursdays in the summer, fire head boy plays beach volleyball with his coworkers, which means I am home alone on Thursday evenings (praise Thor, this is delightful). So the past couple weeks, rather than eating dinner at home, I decided to get fancy and treat myself to a luxurious dinner out, which has been wonderful; today I had a craving for ceviche, so I put a bra back on and soldiered back out into the world of the living, only to find that the local Peruvian place was unexpectedly closed.


Side note/general poll: how do you feel about going out to eat alone? Before I got my first big-girl job in the city, I abhorred the idea of eating in public alone because HOW EMBARASSING; then I got an office job in a big city and started taking advantage of the opportunity to get out of the office and take a quiet lunch break alone. Long story short, I now adore solitary lunches/dinners out because shut up and feed me.

How’s y’alls Thorsday?