I haven't had a real vacation in more years than I care to think about. There have been visits home (nice, but NOT vacation) and weekend visits to and with friends, but not a REAL vacation. I thought last summer it was going to happen, but it fell through at the last minute.

There is an international event coming up in the spring that I really wanted to attend*. My friends either: A) Didn't have the money to go; B) Weren't interested in the event; or C) Couldn't get the time off to go.

Carpe Diem - I bought a ticket for the event, booked a flight and hotel and am taking a solo vacation to do something I want to do! I'm so excited! I shall see what I want to see, eat where I want to eat, and buy what I want to buy (within reason). Yay me!

*Not naming the event or the country it is in due to an irrational fear of doxxing myself.