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Treats for a stressed out boss?

So I want to get my boss something nice because she is working her ass off while she’s under a lot of pressure.

My direct manager/her co-manager is leaving for a promotion in about a week, I may be moving on as well a couple of weeks later, and there are three overhauls that will have a major impact on the team happening simultaneously that she’s been working on. In the next 3 months she will have to handle these three huge projects, help find a new co-manager, possibly lose her top performer, replace my position by promoting someone or hiring externally, and fill in the gaps before busy season really kicks in. The stress is starting to show, and she has casually mentioned that it’s starting to affect her personal life.


She is seriously one of the best bosses I have had in my career. I felt terrible when I told her about applying to move up, but this just happens to be a really good opportunity for me. Plus that was before she let out how much she actually has going on. I’m already offering to take as much off of her hands as possible and encouraging people to come to me with any questions first. And even with one of the potential new positions I’d still be in the same department, which means I’d still be reachable as a resource and coordinator as needed.

For now I just want to get her a little something nice to let her know that she’s awesome. I don’t know her booze of choice, otherwise I’d get her a bottle. Any suggestions?

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