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Trial And Error Is Really Funny Anyone Watching?

Sadly Hawaii 50 was not on tonight. Basketball game instead. So we tried Trial and Error on OnDemand. We saw both 30 minute episodes.

It was so funny. John Lithgow is so wacky and a loon. Everything he says you think “yeah he did it” but the way he says it so blitheringly idioticly you say “maybe not”. He lives in such his own world.

The lawyer is a Northeastern since they are the best lawyers so says Lithgow’s brother jn law. Anyone know who plays the bil? I saw him in other shows.


Sherri Shephard her character is so annoying. She has an ailment for everything obscure like faints looking at nice painting, reacts inappropriately, forgets faces in seconds. I cringe with the reacts inappropriately since it is a real problem for some people and its made as a joke here. Also why they must turn these issues into jokes just is wrong.

The ADA she sends such mixed signals to the lawyer along with her compromise of electrocuting Lithgow instead of having a bear do it. Show does take place in the south. I would think death by bear would lose in the first federal appeal.

Overall Lithgow is fantastic.

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