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I know this one programming language really well. I’ve written part of a book on it. I lecture about it. I have run a user group for it. I had a really popular blog about it for a while but I gave that up years ago. Almost all of the big name people in my language know me. But in the last few years, the amount of BS that I’ve had to put up with in the workplace has gotten absurd, especially BS that I encountered because I’m female.

Part of the problem is that people are abandoning ship and the people who aren’t abandoning ship are the people who don’t want to learn, don’t want to experience new things, don’t want to change. These are the people that I don’t want to work with. The jobs are getting more scarce and more problematic. Part of the problem is that I’ve niche-marketed myself into a corner that I need to get out of but part of it is just that I’m not willing to lie and claim skills that I don’t have. I know with certainty that I’ve been passed over for work in lieu of guys who don’t know what they are doing—because I’ve worked with them and know their skillset.


I decided to abandon ship—for one of the languages that has a dedicated community that supports women, specifically Python. Hi other PyLadies!

But I haven’t been progressing on my language learning project for a while for various reasons that I am working on addressing. In the meantime, I am a poor mofo and I need to change that ASAP. I’ve been thinking about taking some work in the old language to pay the bills but that will set me back more on learning project. And whatever company that I take work from needs to actually pay me, you know what I'm sayin' contractors?

I also have this other project in the works that is not related to programming at all but could come together nigh-on-immediately. It won’t pay any bills but it would give me an environment to work in that has other women who already know the language that I want to work in. That would greatly increase my progress on my learning project. I’m torn between looking for work to pay the bills and hoping that this other thing will come through and give me a good workspace.


But today, one of my professional contacts posted that his company is hiring in my existing language in SF, to contact an email address for more info. I went to the company’s website to look for a jobs page to see if there were any details. I didn’t find a page like that but I did find a “people” page. So I went to the people page.

There was 1 female on it out of 14 people shown. She had a job title that looked like it should translate to CFO. One guy was wearing ironic sunglasses and another guy was literally in a fedora.


I need a drink. Drink with me!

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