Months ago one of our fellow GT-ers used Health Yeah! as a means of inspiration and motivation for making a healthy decision every day. Today I'd like to pay tribute to this once great tradition!

Today I went running. In jan, feb and may I was running regularly but stopped due to time constraints. But now I'm starting up again! It was a short run, a bit over 2 miles but I'm happy anyway.

What did you do today or this week that made you feel proud of yourself GTers? Did you fix some squalor, throw away that one wrapper that's been laying on the corner of the couch for a week? Did you choose a healthy snack over a less healthy one? Not eating a snack out of lazy-ness also counts! Did you take a stair instead of an elevator (because it was broken)?

Share with me what you're proud of!


(Just remember I'm biased. I think you're awesome regardless of your story.)

ETA: It was KABarrick the great who introduced the Health Yeah! concept. Here's to KABarrick!