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You may have figured out that I hate exercise. As we head into Hot Season, I am even less likely to exercise. I did the unthinkable this morning, though: I woke up, and before coffee, before anything, just went straight into an exercise video.

I don't know what came over me. I think I was dreaming about it and had an urge in my sleep.

So maybe if I manage to do it before I become a sentient being, it'll be a big blur and I won't be conscious enough to hate it! Plus, it took no time out of my day because I typically just stare off into space during that first half hour of my day. I literally sit on the toilet and stare. So after, when I was tired (I always get sleepy after exercise- another reason I hate it) it was coffee and breakfast time. It was magic.


Anything to make the horrific experience of exercise less noticeable.

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