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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Trick Or Treat Family Feud!

I'm tired and not ready to write a full Trick Or Treat post today, so I'm gonna do an informal poll.

Which is the best spooky family: The Addams Family or The Munsters?

Up first: The Addams Family, based on the cartoons of Charles Addams: Amorous Gomez, loving Morticia, creepy Wednesday, doofy Pugsley and manic Uncle Fester:

Then we have: The Munsters, based on the Universal monsters: Lovably dopey Herman, level-headed Lily, black sheep Marilyn, innocent Eddie, and crafty Grandpa:

I love that in both cases the parents truly loved each other, unlike a lot of sitcom families.


ETA: Well, it looks fairly decisive for the Addams clan. I am still torn: I love the Morticia/Gomez relationship and Fester is awesome, but I love The Munsters theme song, and Herman is just a sweetie.

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