Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my receptionist buddy and source of all the dirt also encouraged me to talk to the boss, which tipped me over that edge and I did. She seemed interested, although less horrified than I was hoping. Also, when I said “I need to talk to you about issues with A” she had this unsurprised “now what” reaction.

She asked me to document everything, as people here suggested, and eventually give it to her and she will give it to the general manager of the business. I don’t know how well anything will be dealt with.

He was in yesterday, but I didn’t have to work with him much. He was exceedingly polite but kind of seemed to be avoiding me. Maybe getting the picture that I don’t put up with bullshit. At least from men.


You know what’s weird? When I get crap from men, I get full dragon lady do not mess with me hulk smash and they even get kind of scared of me. When I get crap from women, I shrink back and walk on eggshells around them and make very oblique commentary about the behavior if that. This is (probably unfair) generalizations of course, but I feel like women’s feelings and reactions on this can get so much more dramatic and difficult and it’s a lot easier for me to handle a guy stomping around being an ass than a woman either crying and running away or getting crazy catty and I can’t even predict which.

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