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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Trigger Warnings

Hey all...

So since I'm newly re-engaged around these parts and may not be up to speed on "how we do things here" I wanted to ask a question about how/when/why folks use trigger warnings. I do not think I recall seeing it in the general posting guidelines (though if I missed it I apologize and will scurry along to read them if someone will send me the link).


But in general I think I would be more interested in hearing from the people who find them personally necessary to their own (not other people's) comfort.

My constitution and luck being what they are I tend to find them often a bit unnecessary. Confronting ugliness and trauma head on is usually how I deal with it, but there is also a good amount of trauma I've never really had to deal with including physical or sexual abuse at the hands of men.


And I tend to use strong language when I really get passionate about a topic, so just trying to feel out the parameters. As brusque and hard-ass as I can be I genuinely don't want anybody to get hurt by it. So it seems like a good thing to deal with upfront.

ETA: In case it wasn't clear, wondering what kind of content people would like to see trigger warnings on. Rape and spiders have already been covered.

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