Going on weekend trips with friends and friends of friends: good idea or bad idea?

Just kidding, it would probably suck.

Biggie Talls is from Toronto and I am not. His besties are around, though they run in different social circles. I have basically no friends in this city (please see: GT Toronto meetup). We end up spending a lot of time with his friends and friend-like people in our downtime, but few if any of these people feel like my real friends.

Gatherings are fun because of alcohol and because I can leave and go home, but today, someone proposed we go for a weekend trip to Niagara Falls in a couple weeks. Best case scenario: the people I like most from the group goes and I can have fun with them. Worst case scenario: the people I like don't come and I'm stuck with people I'm lukewarm about for 48-72 hours. ALSO, not everyone that is coming is in couples, so they're looking to save cash by stacking up bedrooms. NO. I am partnered. If I am spending money for a hotel, I want to have hotel sex. I'm sure Biggie will have my back on that (hurhur).

The hotel room thing can probably be fixed with good ol' fashioned capitalism- I'm willing to spring for our own room so deal with it. But I'm not willing to play round after round of Cards Against Humanities with people who play outrageous cards just for the shit of it instead of actually making a funny play. I already know my fav person, and therefore her awesome boyfriend won't be going.


Boyfran said he's happy to back out if the scene isn't good, thankfully. I would also rather save my money and do something when it's warm out. A winery tour would be fantastic. But I will not be putting myself in a bad situation.