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Trivial 2017-Prom-Fashion Disappointment

I caught this article tonight over on Huffpo,

And, while i adored the premise of the story(😉😁😊!), there was ALSO something fashion-wise to it, that made me EXTREMELY dissapointed...


Many of the young women in the pictures were wearing dresses which were 20+ years old.


I’ve known for a while now, that fashion has seemed to stagnate a good-sized bit from about the time i went to H.S. in the early 90's.

But this article, and the accompanying pictures PROVED how badly we’ve done, when it comes to designing our own NEW things, for the era in which we live.

You could find dresses like most of these in stores right now, not just “in someone’s mom’s closet.”


That means we really haven’t innovated much, for almost 30 years now clothing-wise🙁

When i was prom-aged, anyone wearing THEIR mom’s dress from a similar era-gap would have OBVIOUSLY been wearing something “vintage.”


Each decade of the 20th century has its own, VERY distinctive style. There’s the S-curve of the Edwardian era; The long, lean lines of the Flappers; 1930's Feed-Sack dresses; the spare, fabric-conserving, but finely-detailed looks of the 40's; Dior’s fullness in the 50's; The 60's where Jackie O & Audrey Hepburn’s polished & gamine styles ruled; The Hippie looks/ prairie-dresses of the 70's; the “Southern-Belle” hoopskirted monstrosities of the 80's, and then the sleeker looks of the 90's. ANYONE wearing a “vintage” dress back then would easily have had their dress pegged visibly to a particular decade.

Until the 90's...

Where we apparently got stuck, and are STILL partying like it’s 1999, not much later.🤔😒😕


Whadda ya think, GT?

On the one hand, i LOVE that these women are rocking older dresses, for SO many reasons.


But i am also VERY dissapointed, that we seem to be exhibiting so little creativity or drive for NEW looks🤔

What are YOUR opinions?

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