Hey yos. This Roma thing is fucking me up.

After Burt's epic, on-point, completely justified rant the other day I (of course) went and looked up what had provoked it and read all the related articles. Fuck. Ing. Shit!

As much as I try to let bullshit roll off me like HAHA FUCK YOU TOO, BIGOT, I really just feel like going HAM on some motherfuckers at this point.

So I'm gray on the mainpage, and now Lindy's article is up and I want to go off on some people. I mean, can I? Like, if they're gray and I'm gray it's all good, right, and I have no promotional powers anyway, right?

Or would I just make myself look bad? I'm just fucking sick of taking things in stride and not responding because it feeds los trollos or whatever but fuck, I get angry.


I get angry and I hate not expressing it, or being polite about it. I just want to demolish. Some people.