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Trolls be Trollin' (and the No! Bunny)

You know what is awesome?
Being trolled on a thread from almost a year ago, by a rape apologist, on the subject of the sexual relationships in the show "Girls" of all things. I don't even watch the show any more.
I want to understand his anger, and I think being able to pick apart his line of argument can be a good insight into non-aggresive non-asshole people who sometimes hit blurry rape apologist territory. But I can't. I just can't.
And the main reason I can't is because in the comment he is aggressively replying to (From almost a year ago!) I identify myself as a rape survivor. How does someone, who is I think human, read that and think, "yeah, this one. This is the one I am going to go aggro on." My only answer is that they are someone who is so sympathetic to the rapist mindset that they see me as the enemy. That they are someone who I can't feel safe around. I wish there was a block function for this exact reason, because sometimes dismiss just doesn't cut it and they keep coming back.
So this is my new bunny. He is the No! Bunny and he will tell you why you are wrong.


"No! You don't understand consent!"

"No! I don't have to explain this shit to you!"


"No! She's not your girlfriend, she's your hostage!"

He works for everything! Horror movies: "No! Don't go in there!" Rom-com's: "No! you're not flawed because you trip on stuff." Anti-Vacciners: "No! Just no!"

Have fun with him. He's my new buddy.


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