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Do we still say “trolololol”? TW: racism.

“Whatcha doing today, HML?” “Oh, the usual, supposed to be working and flagging racists in the weekend Gawker race essay.” For anyone who doesn’t want to read, it’s basically an open letter from a bi-racial man to his white grandfather, who basically disowned his mother because she fucked a black dude, and disowned his grandchildren because of their race. Of course people are getting all predictable, but this one stuck out to me: racist is not racist due to his race! He’s racist because he’s shitty, but not because of anything about his place in life. Ooookkkkaaaaayyyyy.


The mental gymnastics of this thread are ASTOUNDING ME. Should I link the thread? I don’t want to necessarily cause a pile on. Not like it would help anyway.



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