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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I keep having to dismiss someone replying to me from weeks ago. He’s insisting that guns aren’t designed to hurt/kill people. Not arguing that they are a necessary evil for protection, or that some of them are for hunting, or anything like that. Literally saying they are not a weapon. The thing is, I’m not responding and I’m dismissing because I have NO TIME for that nonsense, but about once a day I get another comment saying something about me being a libtard (a word I flag every time I see it because you can’t just add “tard” to something and pretend it’s not ableist), and then about how stupid I am to say that guns were designed with the intent of hurting people. The dedication makes me think this kid is serious.

I have never once seen this level of delusion. Like, I understand the logic of all other arguments against and find them to be a matter of misinformation or just a different ideal of what kind of place people want to live. But really, REALLY?! They are not even FOR THAT? What are they for then? WHEN SOMEONE DRAWS OUT A DESIGN, ENGINEERS IT INTO REALITY, WHAT ARE THEIR GOALS?!


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