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Trudeau Gov't Check Up

Hey. Saw a new article just a moment ago about the Trudeau Liberal’s. Oxfam has given a report rating how our gov’t is handling policy and funding for issues that directly impact women. Wanna guess how we did?

I know it isn’t popular to take a critical stance on our current gov’t because Harper or whatever but it is important that we pay attention to who is governing us now. It is important that we not get caught up in the appearances but that we focus on the actions otherwise we end up with another gov’t focused on their own gains and agenda that benefits the few to the detriment of the many.


Also want to leave this Fifth Estate report about the tax havens for the rich that began back with Chretien carried on through Harper (let’s be honest Mulroney started that prick). It appears that the Liberals aren’t feeling an urgent need to clean up the mess either.

Also I’d like to encourage people to take a closer look at M-103 and how it may add additional protections or resources to the Charter if it does at all. I’m cool with the bill but, at this point given my distrust of the gov’t, I see no evidence that this isn’t just another posturing move - all sparkle and no substance. I wish to see it progress so that we can see if this motion provides any tools or actions of value. It’s a wait and see Motion for me.

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