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True Detective

It premieres tomorrow night (TWO MINUTES AFTER THE GOT TRAILER!!!!11!), anybody planning on watching it? I want to like it but the trailer manages to rack up a number of sexist tropes.

Two detectives with lots of manpain trying to solve the murder of a young woman found naked and tied up. The only women in the trailers so far are Woody's character's wife, children, women who are clearly meant to be interpreted as slutty mcslut sluts, and the dead woman. It's HBO, so there's guaranteed unnecessary lady nudity.


However, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson have both grown on me the past few years. Their star power combined with the fact that HBO is known for quality suggests that it's probably pretty good, in spite of any sexism. Like I said, I want to like it but it all seems very a Day in the Life of a Troubled Male AntiHero. Especially that line in the trailer about the world needing bad men. Not enough eyerolls in the world for that one.


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