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True Life: I'm Too Pretty For People To Date Me

Dating. That section of the "adulting" test that some avoid. Most people give up and wait for the one to happen. Some give up and just curl in a ball on the floor and cry, maybe Netflix. However, I am neither of those people. While I have been striking out in the dating department, I have realized that it is because I am far too pretty for people to want to date me.

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Being pretty adds an extra layer of burden on my life. People in real life cannot even get on my level of pretty. They get too confused over what person belongs in the DC universe vs what person belongs in the Marvel universe. Their lack of knowledge about Street Fighter and the resulting movie is disturbing. Even mentioning bell hooks, structural racism, privilege, and a simple concept of intersectionality seems to overwhelm them. Now add all that pretty to dating. Yeah, I know.

Now when fellas "read" my profile they are overwhelmed with the prettiness. And for those who get through all of my profile and meet me in person, that overwhelm factor dials up to an 11, which leads him to order excessive amounts of nervous over talking while I sip on nervous quietness in my seat.


I totally get it because I'm so pretty (oh so pretty) and witty. The prettiness of knowing what TNG means or knowing that SyFy messed up when they cancelled SG:A would intimidated me too. Not only that I am even more pretty when I manage to out rock some guy who thinks my KISS shirt is in my closet because it looked cool instead of thinking I took extended vacations in Detroit Rock City and have met Beth. And sometimes my prettiness is too much to handle when I am connecting Octavia Butler's work to current events. SO MUCH PRETTY. I can only imagine what would happened if start oozing Black feminism all over my dates.

Maybe my pretty is too much for the current set of guys I have went out with who are all white, tall, smart, blue collar which is all my town really has to offer (except the tall part) for someone like me. Maybe it's time to go spread my pretty to Dallas or Houston or something. Yeah, guys in big cities can handle prettiness right?


*I should add a note that yes I am a weird person. Dating is hard especially with my schedule. It gets so frustrating when someone plays the Hot and Cold game. I don't do games. I am too old, too tired, and too busy to be dealing with that. It sucks even more when you meet someone who shows tons of promise only to have it frizzle out later. oh I should add a intraracial and interracial dating while a Black feminist post is sitting on my computer not yet finished because Netflix keeps calling me.

Thanks to Snack and Xeos!

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