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Truly most creepy conversation I ever heard

I was back at my favorite local grocery store. I was not sure what to get for a snack, I did not feel like pizza so my mother handed me a box of donuts and to eat one. I got a fifty cent orange soda with it. The donuts of which there were four was the honey glazed donuts for 1.99 so my bill was 2.49. I went to the cafeteria to eat it.

As I was about to sit the woman, late 50s sitting in the table in front of me, I was facing her back she said "I am keeping my pants on" while facing the chair in front of her. I thought oh a hands free cellphone. So then she swung to me introdduced herself and said hi. I said hi and thought "no cellphone".

She then turned around facing the chair opposite her and started a conversation. She kept adddressing this person who was not there. Eerily the chair was pulled out like someone was sitting there.


She first started talking about going to a birthday party then it got really creepy. She said "that husband needs to do something about his wife". She paused like she heard a response. She repeated it more distinctly. Paused. Turned away then turned back to the chair in front of her and said "he needs to kill her". All I could.think of was "I need to finish this donut". She said it so calmly and almost like she was giving food advice. That was the creepy part. Then an employee came in cleaning the tables and she started talking to him.

She obviously came into the store with someone. The road to the grocery store is far too dangerous to walk especially now. About once a year a walker is killed on the road and others are injured and this is when there is no snow on the ground now there is no side of the road to walk. I am not sure she should have been left alone in the cafeteria. The way she so calmly talked about murder was unsettling and the fact she seemed to believe she was talking to someone. Also the pants comment was disturbing did she think her imaginary companion wanted her to removeher pants?

I feel sorry for her having mental illness but I was totally creeped out by it and the casualness of what she said.

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