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Truly Obscure SF Shows Could They Be Made Today

I assume mainly oldsters will recall these shows.

One was Ark II about teens helping in a post apocalyptic world in 2476. Since it dealt with envionmental issues. I think it could easily be done now. The intro needs to change from just male scientists to men and women. Also monkey must go. No idea with the obsession with kids 70s shows and monkeys. It did last two seasons oddly short seasons for its time.

Salvage 1. Ugh a stupid premise. A 70s show about a man who owns a salvage business and makes a space ship to collect space trash. It lasted less then a season. Not believable then won’t be now.


The videos are the shows intros. Who recalls the shows? I thought Salvage 1 as a kid was stupid. I kinda liked Ark II although I cannot recall the specifics Iremember liking it.

Could they be made today? Ark II yes,

Savage 1 no. Although with junk shows being popular today maybe History Channel will remake it. It would fit in.

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