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Welcome To The Bitchery

I thought I’d share this article in Everyday Feminism explaining the ways in which Donald Trump is emotionally abusive (and triggering for some people). I know he is triggering for me - the way he acts is very, very similar to the ways my abusive ex and asshole narcissist father act.

So anyway, if you, like me, get real actual physical anxiety when you hear him talk, you’re not alone. Hooray, validation! The article says that Trump employs the falling strategies, which he has in common with abusers:

  1. Lying
  2. Denial (related to lying)
  3. Blame Shifting
  4. Moving the Goal Posts
  5. Bait and Switch
  6. Projecting
  7. Generalizing and Exaggerating
  8. Yelling and Shouting Over
  9. Fear-mongering
  10. Body-shaming

Some of these things laid out look like something any politician will do; the situation here is that he employs all of these strategies liberally and aggressively.


Not to mention he basically is trying to gaslight an entire population. I’m sure he’s used that strategy so many times he can’t even identify why it wouldn’t work on TONS of people. My dad would totally do that. You would be able to say, “Dad, 8.4 million people saw you say this. Are they all lying?” and he’d tell you they were all lying or that they all misunderstand.


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