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Trump As Third Antichrist (re: Nostradamus) Path To Losing Credibility

There is a lot of grave, serious problems with Trump. On Christmas Eve he even stirred up hatred for the media in a violent retweet showing the CNN Logo bloody under his shoe.


The changes to immigration seperating families and children in immigration court not being called children but “unmarried individuals under 18". The tax cuts which expands the deficit and widen the wealth gap as well as the probable cuts to medicare, social security and other safety net programs.

His attacks on the FBI undermines their work. Personal vendettas against anyine who disagrees. His support for Moore an accused pedophile. Need I go on?

So youtube videos like this from a person who clearly does not like Trump is counterproductive. Saying Trump is the Antichrist anything you say after no one will take you seriously.

Deciphering Nostradamus is I admit a fun parlor game but that’s it.

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