Pre 14th Amendment and with Dredd Scott there was a belief that citizenship was inherited. So if your parents were American citizens then their children were. If you were a slave or noncitizen immigrant your child were not citizens. Essentially if you were born in this nation then it depended on your bloodline. Citizen parents you were a citizen noncitizen your blood is tainted.

Now with Trump, Rep King and friends they want us to go back to tainted blood. Citizenship depends not on being born here but your bloodline. With all people treated equally under the law repealing the 14th Amendment would not just apply to newborns but all born here be the age one day or fifty years old. Trump and friends cannpt just say newborns only you know that will be modified or tried to be with people saying ALL.

It will also modify if not drastically.change how we see each other. We all know all Hispanics especially will always have to prove citizenship but now it will being having to prove their bloodline.

Trump has set this country on a super dangerous path. Even an attempt to modify the 14th Amendment we will now hear the republicans saying “if you are not for repealing 14th you are proAmnesty”.

Yet even last nght on CNN a proTrump backer said 14th Amendment only applies to slavery. There was at least a republican on who clearly was angry at that staement. I hope some republicans realize this is not a good path for the party at least one Castillo (?) at least he got this is bad thinking.