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Trump followers are total lets say unhinged to be kind

I think it was MSNBC interviewing people for tonights Trump event and a woman was asked if we should target families of terrorists her response was yes and “they breed”. Ok this is totally a dehumanization of people. Breeding at least in my mind conjures images of animals who act on their instincts to mate or forced breeding of animals like dogs, horses or cats. Applying this term makes Muslims less then human.

I swear if Trump said to take American Muslims and put them all in hotels “nice hotels with cable” these people would be cheering. Let’s face it this is the only path he has yet to take and I expect to hear it any day.

You know you have gone to far to the right when Dick Cheney condemns it. This was about Trump’s idea to ban all Muslims into the US and any Muslim that leaves the US except military would not be allowed back in.


I suspect corporations with operations overseas will not be happy like Boeing and other military firms who deal with Muslim nations. Also.anyone US citizen who is Muslim could not take a business trip overseas without risk to going back home.

My theory is Trump wins the nomination the republican establishment will concede the next four years to Hillary knowing a) it will strengthen the party financially and in 2018 the midterms should keep republicans in charge of the senate, governors and House with a good chance of taking the White House in 2020 providing its an establishment choice b) a Trump presidency will destroy ability to fundraise and most certainly hand both the House, governors and Senate to democrats in 2018 and most likely the presidency in 2020..I am sure many in party are weighing what would be the best long term strategy.

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