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Trump: I Met A Man Named Putin, Putin Say It Soft ...(thoughts on tonight's forum)

Yes the header is from West Side Story. This encapsulates Trump’s feelings for Putin.

Imaginaryfriend has a great post about Matt Lauer and how he did.


My takeaways from the forum was simply.the Valedictorian Vs Bluto.

Seriously how are they close?

Hillary knew the info, amswered questions knowing the background info,.came across as prepared.


Trump,.whoa Nelly.

1. Good lord Putin is Maria to Trump. I expected him to belt out Maria.

2. There is no way in hell the officials giving the secret briefings would say or use body language indicating how policy was received.


3. Trashimg of.the military leaders was not smart. He does realize he does not appoint who becomes generals.

4. I cringed when he first defended his tweet on rape in the military which was victim blaming then spinning it into a different meaning. We ain’t dumb Donny.


5. To the victor comes the spoils. What century is this? I was not sure. I bet our allies would consider removing a sovereign nations oil as plunder and stealing.

6. As bad as he was and so needs not to be president I do think he was right on letting vets see private doctors or public hospitals if they have to wait for the VA and we would pay for it. . But 30 seconds does not overtake 29.5 minutes.


7. Did he say joining the military if you are undocumented is a path to citizenship? He once again contradicted himself. Also can undocumented people join the military? I was unsure.n

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