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I was watching the news and Rachel Maddow. Rachel said during her show 4 women have said Trump groped and/or kissed them without consent. We also have reports he walked into a Teen Beauty Pagent while teens were changing.

Oh he said he liked to kiss women and grope them to Billy Bush. He told Stern he liked going into changing rooms of pagents he runs.

We also have Trump saying both Anita Broadrick and Kathleen Willy were raped (Broadrick) and groped (Willy) yet they are still allegations.


We also have Trump denying these four women were ever sexually assaulted by Trump.

So by Trump’s logic we are suppose to believe the women accusing him are liars and Bill’s accusers are telling the truth. Yet Trump actually admitted doing the things he is accused of. Also Trump attacked Hillary for going after women who accused Bill and attacking her for not believing them. Yet its ok for Trump and his surragates to go after these women, according to Bob Costa these women may be sued by Trump as well as the newspapers.

Folks actually are voting for Trump? Deplorables all.

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