Senator Schumer needs to realize Trump will sign nothing if it helpa the Dreamers. He never intended to.

Trump gave it away a number of times which I realize in retrospect.

A) When the 9th District Court said DACA can continue. A rational president would have said “good this buys us time to renegotiate for DACA” instead he and DOJ attack vigourously.


B) The shithole comment for El Salvador, Haiti and Africa. Racially charged epitaths.

C) Schumer and Graham giving what Trump wanted but instead dismissed it. See B).

D) Today the language from the Whitehouse changed. They are not using Dreamer but unlawful immigrant.

E) Tonight Trump endorsed an ad saying Democrats, that you and I folks, are “complicit in murder” when an undocumented immigrant kills a person. Note they did not use “undocumented” just instead they call them “pure evil”.


Here is the ad. Its right on the home page


Also Trump missed his party he could very easily blame Dreamers for that.