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If you are not familiar with this genocide please do yourself a favor and google it. Sadly growing up I never once heard a teacher mentioning this genocide. I learnt about it from my late grandmother’s sister’s daughter who married an Armenian American. Every Christmas Eve we would go to their house, the daughter was a truly fantastic cook. One of the best Greek cooks I have known. Her father was Greek. Her mother was French Canadian American same with my late Grandmother.

Anyways every Christmas Eve her husband invited his sister and her husband and a few friends over. Well they often talked about the Armenian Genocide like it just happened. Each had family that died in that genocide and they would talk about how their grandparents fled.

Well Trump, like sadly President Obama all the way back to George H Bush never said it. Ironically Reagan did and President Carter. No clue why that changed since.


I wish President Obama said those words.

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