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Apparently Tiny Hands doesn’t want to risk a lecture from the long time Environmentalist Prince. That, and he wants to meet the younger, hotter royals.I am sure the Duchess of Cambridge is just thrilled at that prospect.

I hope the Queen works out an epic troll for Trump. Maybe a regiment of Gurkhas to meet him at the airport? Yeah, the Gurkhas are Hindu, not Muslim, but he won’t know that. Let Trump see a bunch of armed brown people when he gets off his plane.

She once trolled the King of Saudi Arabia by personally driving him around at Balmoral. He apparently was horrified to have a woman at the wheel, and begged her to slow down.


ETA:. Oh, hey, remember how creepy Trump was to Diana, Princess of Wales after her separation from Prince Charles? I somehow doubt Harry and William will want anything to do with him.

And I wonder if not wanting to meet with Charles might also have something to do with Charles having had Diana when Trump couldnt?

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