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Trump Republicans: Rep. Rinaldi Called ICE on Protestors and Threatened To Put A Bullet In Democrats Head

This was in the Texas State Chambers conerning the antisanctuary bill. Republican Representative Matt Rinaldi, a republcan, called ICE on the protestors then when called out on it threatened to put a bullet in the head of the democrat representative  calling him out.

How is Rinaldi not in jail for this threat? If any of us threatened aneothers life we would be in jail for the threat also he threatened to kill an elected official. Yeah he needs to be in jail for this.


Double linked because kinja likes eating links.

Last week a Republican body slammed a reporter this week its been upped.

I suppose a republican politician murdering someone they do not like will happen next week of course they will scream “standing my ground”.

President Obama should have apologized to Mexico over the Mexican American war and gave Texas to Mexico.

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